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My clicks are at 0, How to increase them?

I am totally agree with you. Even I will also avoid to his gig as a buyer. Because it does not looks eye-catchy. He need to focus on CTA = “Call To Action”

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Yes true, but I can not do digital art as I don’t have much experience with it and don’t have a stylus.

I’m going to have to be brutally honest here because I have to be, as I want you to be able to grow and eventually have success on this platform! At the end of the day, I really recommend you work on your own artistic skills, as well as better understand the market that you’re trying to go for. I see that you have 2 years of artistic experience according to your bio, or almost 2 years rather. The fact of the matter is, you’re going to need way more than 2 years experience before you can manage to successfully sell yourself, especially as an artist! It’s a competitive field no matter what niche you’re going for, and having more experience and developing yourself as an artist first is the best step to carve out a path for your own success.

TLDR: Get some experience, learn about the market, and then you may start seeing results. As of right now, from a buyer’s point of view, there is nothing that would make me pick your gig over another artist’s, and that is what is important to gaining sales.

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@invaderroxas thank you so much for your time, I will improve my skills!

If you could, could you give me some tips for improving my art? Thank you in advance!

change gig image right now.

I think you should make your designs colorful or design it such a way so that buyers can edit the colors of their choice… since it is black and white it’s not looking so attractive… try human sketches in black and white color and see if that works.

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Some people just do black and white drawings, I’m looking forward on making a drawing with pencil then taking a picture of it, and re drawing it in a drawing software on my pc

It’s definitely an improvement, I’d suggest using some software to further improve the images, you could draw over them and make them line art, there’s plenty of free software but personally I like GIMP. Keep working at it, it’ll pay off. :))

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Alright I’ll check it our and see what I can do!
Thank you very much

Practice, practice, practice. I recommend looking up tutorials, maybe taking classes–however you do it, practice makes perfect. It’s also important to learn foundations (perspective, composition, contrast, techniques based on medium, etc.) as well. I’m in my 3rd year of art school at the moment, and for the majority of my first year I was “forced” to take drawing foundation courses, despite my skillset being 3D art. As much as I hated it then, I seriously believe that taking these courses improved my eye for things like composition, lighting and contrast, etc.

Also take the time to look at other artist’s work, and if they happen to produce tutorials or maybe drawing videos, study their technique. There’s this “taboo” idea that by observing other artists, you’re just bound to copy, but I’ve sense learned in my studies that this isn’t really the case. You have to study professionals if you want to understand your craft, and there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other artists you admire. (short of direct copy & trace, of course) Hell, all artists do this, at least on a subconscious level. So find artists that make work you gravitate towards, and see if you can figure out how their brain ticks.

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