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My Client accept the order and give me a review on 5th Feb and today means 12 March order get canceled is it possible (AUTO ORDER CANCELATION

and today I got the notification that the client canceled the order and my completion rate is also decreased. Now what can I do


I am facing the same issue… I successfully completed an order on 27th Feb 2019, and today it showing that “THE BUYER CANCELLED THIS ORDER AND FUNDS WERE RETURNED TO THEIR BALANCE
I don’t what is the reason for this. How it could be possible my completed order get canceled? I just put an inquiry request regarding this on resolution center. They didn’t reply yet. It is very disappointing and It seems there is no security for profile status as well as for money.

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I also faced the same issue. I don’t know the reason. The order had canceled after 3 months. They have deducted the fund from my balance also.

Search on the forum for ‘charge backs’.
The buyers are probably scammers, they probably disputed the amount on PayPal.

Contact CS and tell them the whole story, provide screen shots of order completion, and/if the buyer rated you.


Oh I contacted them also, Here is the reply from them.

Hi Harshana,

Hope you are well. We understand how upsetting that must be.

We are sorry to inform you that the order was cancelled by Fiverr Customer Support after a complaint from the buyer’s side. The order was marked as complete nearly three months ago, however the work was still in progress and did not meet the buyer’s requirements or the time frame agreed upon within the gig. In cases like these, Fiverr reserves the right to cancel an order. We expect our sellers to maintain a certain level of professionalism and work quality in order to provide satisfactory experience to our users.

Hope this answers the question. We are here if you need assistance with anything else.

Kind regards.

I didn’'t want to get banned. So I didn’t argue with them.

OK, you will not get banned for defending your rights, if you honestly completed the work, show them the evidence and take screenshots of anything that can prove it.

Good luck.

definitely I will try

This is really shocking… We, the sellers are really afraid… its arise the question of its security… Thats really unfortunate… I think legal steps is needed…

This is totally illegal. It is a massive question of security from seller side. Fiverr can’t bypass resolving this issue with this kind of excuse. If the buyer is not happy with the output then why they complete the order with 5 star rating. Today I am facing this issue, but it can happen with anyone… We have to resolve the issue otherwise it will be a curse for sellers…I feel very disappointed for this issue, It seems there is no security for our money as well as our profile reputation. I request everyone to do needful to resolving this issue.


yes of course, if any buyer aware with this type of condition then alot of sellers could be scame by buyers