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My client adk for my home address for nda

My client adk for my home address for nda, am i violate TOS if i give her my address?

Yes, it is against fiverr TOS, seller cannot share their real name and contact.

Is that serious.
I giving him wrong adress.
And haven’t sign it off

Hang on.

You shouldn’t usually share your contact information, UNLESS it is necessary to complete your gig.

I have zoom calls and have shared my address for NDA’s. These have been emailed to me so I’ve had to share my email too.

Fiver doesn’t want you to take payment outside the platform. That’s the main thing. Just be clear in the message that you are ‘sharing your address because it is necessary to sign an NDA to complete the gig’.


If I were you, I’d rather avoid taking over this gig.

You will put you account at risk by sharing these type of details.

If Fiverr ends up banning you for sharing these details it will be difficult to impossible to prove them wrong and then get your account back

Can we ask buyer about their name?