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My client ask me to do a lot of things


I’m UI designer and a client came to me and ask me to make him a screens for his app,
the app is very large and full of details,
All my previous work I finish my work and send the source file to my client but this client ask me to contact with the developer and his developer ask me to slice the design send him all details and all icons in a special size !!
Is this one of my responsibilities or just send him the source file !!


If you didn’t agree to that at the beginning with your client, then don’t do it. Don’t work for free. Tell them if they want the extra stuff then they’ll have to pay.


He told me at first that I’ll communicate with the developer to send him what he need and tell me more about the design
but not telling me that I must slice the design


I know nothing about design. Does it take a lot of time to slice a design? If you think it’ll take too long, then ask them to pay again.


design is full of details, say 30 screens or more, each screen has 3 - 4 element maximum


Get the job done! I do not have clients, so be thankful for yours. :wink::+1:


Good job sorri till i don’t have any client


It’s a illegal activity. Few days ago one of my clients asking for more reviews and more work. At last I was canceled the order, and that was wrong. Please don’t cancel the order. U can contact cs with your details.


Why was it wrong to cancel your order? So what should be done is to forward the details of what is going on to CS? Seems like I read something like that somewhere else in the forums. But I’ve also read that cancelling the order may need to be done sometimes.