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My client can not accept custom offer

Hello ,
I do not know what is happening with my fiverr ID.
when i made the account i was unable to attach my payoneer after month of struggle i got it attached.
After that a week ago one of my client gave me 3 star review (false accusation) although he liked the initial design.
The next day 3 of my ranked gigs got disappeared from the search and my impressions dropped from 200 per gig to 1-2 impressions a day. I even cant find my gig with the online filter.
Today i received a message and when i sent my client a custom offer he was unable to accept that.
Can anyone kindly guide me what is happening and the best possible solution to this.
Thanks in advance.


Have you already contacted Fiverr customer Support about this specific issue?

I reached them about the d rank issue but they said my gigs are active. Although the status is active but 3 impressions a day means it is almost lost. I am very tensed about this. whereas the issue of accepting the custom offer , i trued asking on the forum first and then i will contact fiverr CS

Fair enough.

Are you listed as Out Of Office? If so, that’s likely the problem.

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Approve your Proposal and communication skills as well as try built trust with client.

what does communication has to do with the error in accepting the offer?

no i am online , mostly and i have never used this out of office feature

The only other thing I can think of is to verify that in your settings.

It might be a problem on your Buyer’s end. Though… are they trying to encourage you to start working on it now? If so, DON’T. That means this Buyer isn’t a buyer at all, and is attempting to get free work by claiming a fake problem.

At this point, I would say yes, take this to CS. If it’s just a bug on either end, they should be able to help. If it’s not, then they’ll be able to guide/direct you anyway.

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yes i think the same , i will just contact CS about this. And yes i did a double check and my out of office mode is turned off. so the problem is the bug or my client.

Thank you for the help!

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