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My client cancelled his order weeks after I delivered it


Hi there! I don’t understand this… He liked the drawing! And even rated my gig 5 stars! But then, suddenly, after like 2 weeks, he cancelled it. And now I can’t contact with him, and he will get his money back of course. But it upsets me a bit… I thought he liked it, why did he accept my deliver then? :frowning:

Does this mean that even if I did my job, they can still get their money back? Did I just waste my time? :(((

Also the client was super nice to me, so I’m confused… Maybe it was a mistake?

Honestly if this keeps going on I think I will end up quitting Fiverr, I don’t understand

Please help me


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It sounds like you’ve been the victim of a Paypal chargeback, where the buyer immorally cancelled the charge on his Paypal account to nab your work for free. There’s not a lot that can be done at this point. It’s not fair, and it’s a problem on Fiverr. If it’s any consolation, that buyer’s IP will likely get banned.


I agree with @joshcates, it is more than likely a PayPal chargeback. I am sorry this happened to you.


OHO So sad But keep it up


Sorry to hear that, that was a mean thing to do. As has already been said, it was likely a chargeback your buyer did, and you can’t contact them because Fiverr by default suspends accounts of people who do that.

You should take this up with Fiverr support, take screenshots that prove you delivered, and of the 5* feedback and any inbox conversations you have of the buyer saying he liked your work.
Some sellers have posted that they were reimbursed by Fiverr in such cases.

I’d also mention that your completion rate obviously should not suffer because of a fraudulent chargeback.

Of course, this situation is not acceptable from our seller POV, it’s due to the payment providers (PayPal, credit card companies) allowing their customers to do chargebacks - which makes sense if the PayPal account got hacked or the card got stolen (in which case you might be out of luck), or they never received the delivery, but obviously not in a case like yours, where they received and even approved of the delivery.

I’d contact support and see what they’ll do about the matter. If you do, I hope you’ll be able to report something positive, like some other sellers here.


You should contact CS with proof of conversations and the fact that he liked the final product. Send them all the conversations along with his 5 star rating.

I’ve had experiences like this one and Fiverr somehow got my money back and their account banned. Good luck.


If you can show customer support proof you did the job as described, which you can do with the 5 star rating he gave you, then you are entitled to get a refund for what was taken out of your earnings. Ask customer support about it and send screenshots showing it was delivered, and a screenshot of the five star review.


I don’t think customer support can help as i think this is a pay pal chargeback.


Hello! Thank you all for your replies. I’m going to contact customer support then. I will keep you informed :blush:


As long as the job was done as described, which the 5 star review proves, then yes they can issue a return of the seller’s funds in some cases.


Wow, that’s unbelievable that this is allowed.


CS is quite open to giving the seller a return of the seller’s payment if the seller shows the work was done as described and not late. I can’t say that they always do this but Paypal does not allow a chargeback if the job was for a service, and was not delivered late.


I wouldn’t say that it’s allowed.

It’s a Paypal thing, not a Fiverr thing. Fiverr bans whomever does it…


Hi guys, for some reason my account got disabled! I really don’t know why

Therefore I can’t sign in, how can I contact support then? What should I do? :((