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My client cheat

my client cheat me .I deliver the order and he then cancel the order saying that I didnt get my order correct.In his own chat he says that everything was correct,now tell me what can I do tell me

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Contact CS with Screenshot as prove…

You need CS with all prove with screenshot

Hi @isnan_javed , CS wouldn’t be ableto return the money from the buyer though. But report the buyer. Next time, try to provide mockups and have him confirm, then send to the buyer. There are a lot out there , but try to be careful. Cheers

@asminakter121@ @bilal1696 @mofeoduntan kindly tell me CS in detail so I will be very thankful to you.PLEASE TELL ME IN DETAIL now the order is cancel

CS means Customer Support

Now the order has been cancel from both side and he used abusive language so,I became angry and delete the chat.Now we can something do or not

Talk to the client about the Messages you have sent to the contact support with screenshot. Hopefully your problem can be solved.