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My client creates lots of problems for me

what i should do?
my clients creates too much problems for me. also i really feel unsafe cz i recently have really a bad experience with a client and t.o.s. violation team.
not any artist or designer is secured over there?
am i right or what should i do!
i really worked hard and if immature client says that he is unsatisfied after receiving all the files and revisions.
what is for sellers?

I would contact cs. Also, check out the clients reviews before working with them!

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whats the safe edge for sellers?
if i send the dispute then if my client not respond to it then order will cancelled automaticaly and i cant afford more cancellation right now!
i also have worked hard for completion of those designs for him :frowning:i really disappoint from fiverr support for sellers.:frowning:

i also have contacted to customer support but i dont think so they have any solution for that. they just know how to cancel orders and secure there buyers

So, this is taken from your gig description:


  • Good Communication (24 hr)
  • Premium services
  • customer satisfaction
  • work until unless you satisfy
  • quick response
  • Fast Delivery
  • Deliver any type of files like Ai, Eps, PSD, PNG (300dpi), pdf etc.
  • Free Mockup Display
  • Multiple color
  • Unlimited Revision.
  • Money back guarantee.

Order Now!

Are you able to see why you’re in such a mess? Don’t blame CS. :roll_eyes:

Hint: Try reading and understanding the bolded text.


Excellent post, Maitasun.

You’ve highlighted the dangers of saying anything in order to get a sale.

OP, I don’t know why you’re complaining about a buyer wanting something that was promised to them.


Yes. Desperation is not attractive. If you offer to do anything to get a sale, there will be buyers who take you up on that. You don’t want to attract those kinds of people (who are unreasonable in all sorts of additional ways) and you don’t want to repel people who will be professional buyers, many of whom will be put off by this.