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My client didn't provide me info to work with... I am stuck with the clock running out of time

Hello everybody,

I started on Fiverr 22 days ago and received 4 orders I completed.
So far I was super happy and my clients were as well (5* only).

But I received 2 days ago a message from a new buyer.
He wanted to have content for his website (about us…). As a result, I created a customized offer he bought. So the gig’s clock is running from there.

The problem is in the requirement section he wrote this: “can I get back to you in the next couple of days with the info. I’m not in a hurry for this as the website is still being built”

The gig is due after 3 days and I told him I will run out of time to deliver his order.
Got no answer from him so far… It’s been 2 days…
My clock has still 1day 24 minutes…

I just can’t work… I’m stressed out.
How can I get help from Fiverr so this order won’t impact my delivery rate?
Thanks for your help!


Dispute the order, buyer never sent enough info.


Thanks for your answer.
Won’t it have an impact somehow on my stats ?
To dispute the order I guess I have to use the resolution center right?

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Like franklegacy said , you can also add the reason why you are extending the delivery so you have enough time okay ?

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Yes the resolution center is the place to go… The impact will depend on a few things, if the buyer responds to resolution and extends your delivery time, there will be no impact. If the buyer decides to cancel the delivery % will decrease.


Great sellers rarely have perfect stats. If you need to dispute it, dispute it. If your stats are affected, they will only be temporarily affected, and they will recover in 60 days.

A cancellation is not the end of the world (as many new sellers seem to think it is).

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Understood, thanks.
Well, as stats are one of the rare thing we can control on Fiverr to prove we are reelable I guess it’s the reason why new sellers often freak out.
You are right, if it need to be disputed it will.

Thanks. I’ll keep this in mind.

Dispute this order. Go resolution center.
And before dispute first contact fiverr support and share with them thus situation.

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I followed your advice and contacted fiverr support. Thanks :slight_smile:

Contact To Fiverr Support…

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Thanks :slight_smile: I did it and received an automatic message.
They’ll come back to me within 24 hours.

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