My client gave me extra work


My client gave me extra work but he didn’t to pay me. What should I have to do now? :disappointed_relieved:


hi, just explain about your limitation & ask to pay some additional amount.


Send him a friendly message along with a custom offer.


All work should be paid. Explain to them that you would love to help them with their project and would like to quote them accordingly. Sent them a custom offer, then negotiate if necessary. Never do work for free, as a principle. The only time you should do “free” work is if you mess up on a clients order…no other time.


you can withdraw the offer if you have sent him or give him the custom offer for the work, be bold with your service, don’t give your talent for free, send him custom offer with your amount, you are the seller you have your rights. Charge him, don’t be shy!

goodluck! :slight_smile: