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My client give 1star and very negative review with out any reason? Any tip to remove the review

Please help me to remove that comment and one more thing i want to ask i have completed almost 7 to 8orders after then but their reviews doesn’t display on the top of list , Negative review display on the top why


This is his review. I am not trying to be rude but he is pointing out plenty of reasons as to why he gave a 1 start review.

Honestly I do not know why he took the project while having no idea about variable and single products. He did a rush job messing everything out though told how he should proceed and hoped he would get away with it. After my complain he asked for an extra 24 hours, my client was mad at me and I had to spend 2 days checking the products one by one, the only thing he is good at is : yes sir! Maybe good at the basic stuff but definitely not good when it comes to serious Wordpress tasks. The worst thing is that he is misleading customers advertising himself as a backend developer for html, css and php…Only recommended for beginners…maybe!

I would recommend to thoroughly check if a requirement that has been given to you is possible or not and ask plenty of questions for clarification before sending a offer. That is at least what I do for all of my clients and they are always open to answering any question I might have because who wants to receive a wrong product by miscommunication?


I read the review the Buyer wrote. The Buyer provided a VERY detailed feedback. Fiverr encourages Buyers to leave a review based on their experience with a Seller. This is not Burger :hamburger: King, you cannot have it your way. Nobody here can help you remove the negative feedback. Work on improving your services, your communication and strive for excellence. :pineapple:

Another thing… :bulb: Don’t go writing the Buyer demanding that he/she revise their feedback. This is something that Fiverr frowns upon.


Well said. And mmm, I miss Burger King!

Fiverr sorts reviews by relevance. Longer reviews tend to be deemed more relevant, which is why this one is near the top of your list.

If you sort reviews by the date they were left, you’ll see this review will no longer be near the top.

Unfortunately, you can’t change Fiverr’s default way of displaying your reviews.


Thanks, I’m just trying to educate the Seller on how things work. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ahem, Drool. :laughing:



As a best practice, there are 3 things I do if I feel a review was unjustified. I will refrain from speculating about your situation in particular.

  1. If the review is way out of bounds, then and only then will I reach out to Fiverr
  2. I provide an honest, clear, and concise response to the review (for future buyers to see and understand my side of the story)
  3. I continue to provide high quality work to earn enough positive reviews to wash out the negative one.

I hope this helps :blush:

Good luck!



Please give it some time before you sell anything. Because you can’t just sold and boom magic happens.
First understand how simple or complex their project is. Then if you are sure about it or did before, go for an order proposal otherwise please let them know you can’t provide the project they are expecting within their time limit.
I am sure they don’t bite…

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