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My client give me 4.4 review


Last night, I am complete my 6th order and my client gives 4.4 reviews and he tells me that he does not understand and give me a 4.4-star review. So, Please help me, How Can I change this review.


You can’t change it. That’s what reviews are for-- an honest feedback on the work done.


Why the review shall be changed ? Once given it cant be undone
Accept honest review :heart_eyes:
Best of luck


That’s not even a bad ratings, > 4 is still a good rating.
Keep focus on the next client and you will be happy with that.
Good luck!


Thanks for your support.


Congratulations! It is a positive rating.

Not all clients give a 5-star rating. Don’t worry. Keep doing a good job, and you will soon get your overall rating back to 5-stars.


Client Expectation =/ Results