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MY client gives me bad review for his 2nd order

Hey people!!!.
The client gives me a bad review who is already give me order of 5$ but the bad review of 2.3 order was 15$ i don’t know why he gives me bad review.That bad review destroy my account rating.
So now what should i do for rating improvement?
And what i should reply to buyer for bad rating of his 2nd experience? (Although his first experience rating was 5.0 with good feedback).

You can’t change any review. Good practice is to make sure the buyer is satisfied with the work before its submitted. You need to complete more orders and get good reviews to recover it. Even if you delete the gig your rating will remain same. So better option is completing more order with good rating


Hot it looks like based on his reviews: your buyer placed first order with a smaller issue to test you and you completed it. He left good review for first order. Then he ordered bigger and more difficult to complete order and you didn’t manage to do that :woman_shrugging:

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@yarasin Thanks for your suggestion.
How i can get more orders with bad reviews?
You prefer any reply to buyer on bad review?

Yes @mariashtelle1 it can be as you saying.
so what should i do now?

You can ask buyer just for clarity, but honestly you can’t do nothing on this now. And for getting more orders do gig marketing on social media.

Ok @yarasin Thanks for your time.

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Something very weird is happening with your profile. Can anyone else see this?

Even when I refresh the page.

I think he has deleted his gigs.

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@hamza 1424 You know what i should do?

@jake_hopkins you think it is the reason for getting no orders?

Hello Rizwan, I am sorry to hear about that. For good rating there is Video on Fiverr you can see. We cannot force buyer to good reviews. The only thing we can do is delivery quality work, on-time delivery, good communication and make sure your client is happy with your work. There are some client which doesn’t care about ratings. But I have never met such buyers. They all were nice. Now you can do nothing. Even y cannot send buyer request. You need at least 7-10 reviews with 5 rating so you can send buyer ratings.

And advice for you. Never accept the job until you are 100% sure about it. I have seen your buyer reviews and he said " Seller needs more experience to try to attempt hard issues Made my site worse not good".
So you know better what you have done wrong that’s why he was not happy with you work so how can he give you 5 star. And if you want to get more experience try playing with your own site and then work on others.

Because you weren’t able to fulfill his requirement according to buyer.


@hamza1424 Thanks for your time.But i want to tell you i did the same thing as he want may be its an understanding issues.

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Thanks for your great suggestions Brother.

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As a Software Engineering Student I can say When we communicate with buyer the most important thing is to understand client requirements actually what he wants. So its a lesson for you whenever you start the work clear your doubts, ask them what they want, if you have understand the requirements very well half job is done. So next time keep this factor in your mind.

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