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My Client Giving me 4 star. even i complete his order in just 2 hours

My Client Giving me 4 star. even i complete his order in just 2 hours. What i do now? because i was my first Order. Now i can’t send buyer request.

4 stars is still good, u probably delivered to fast and he thinks you didnt put enough effort.


I agree with you. but i am newbie on fiverr. problem is that i can’t sent buyer request.

It doesnt matter newbie or level 2 seller, it depends on your gig, and how you set it up.

Buyer’s request is not infinite, there is a limit you can send as a new seller, probably you’ve exhausted your daily limit.

If the client had a 4-star experience, then that’s fine. It’s about their experience. Not yours.

When the rating decrease from 4.7 than the seller is not able to send buyer request.

This is normal. Here’s the thing:

Most buyers who leave a review do so for two reasons: they are very pleased or very dissatisfied. That’s why almost all the reviews are very positive or very negative.

In the grand scheme of things, a 4-star review will come from the kind of person that always leave a review, and tell their honest opinions. They might be happy with your final product, but think that your communication could have been better, so they leave three stars on communication, and five on the delivery itself.

This doesn’t mean the buyer wasn’t happy with your work; it just means that the individual could have been more satisfied with something.

If a buyer sees a 4-star review, they will consider that to be a positive review, while 1, 2, and 3 will be negative. So don’t sweat. I’ve received a couple of 4.2 reviews in my time, and in the end, they haven’t impacted my business in any way.

Still, when you receive anything less than five stars, you should always go through what you did for them, how you did it, and how well you communicated during the order process. Did you live up to the expectations they had? Did you make it easy to communicate, and were you friendly at all times? By evaluating what you could have done better, you can ensure that you provide an even better service in the future!

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P.S a nice golden rule is to always under-promise and over-deliver. If you set the expectations of the buyer at a certain level, and then over-deliver on that promise, you’re more likely to receive positive reviews.

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