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My Client got the work from me and now the client is going to cancel the order


My Client got the work from me and now the client is going to cancel the order,I complained to fiverr customer care ,what else can i do?


Why does he want to cancel the order? Did you talk to your client to see if you can modify anything from him/her ?


I worked for her and she was happy with that,suddenly she was like shez not happy and she z complaining that the work is poor


did you contact customer support??


yes , I submitted an Issue ,will i be able to chat with them online ?


I don’t know about online chats. they will email you and then you can get in touch with them.
Usually, the buyers do hold authority to cancel the order even after review.That’s why they have 13 days waiting period for payments.
You should also let the buyer know that if she cancels the order she will lose the rights of your work and may be subject to copy rights if found guilty


@shanaka1 This kind of things happen when the buyer acts as an intermediary with you and his client. Basically, what he does is he receives work from his buyer and get it done from you. Sometimes your buyer happy with the output but after he submits it to his client he may not happy with that. At that point your buyer may request for a refund. Also there are some buyers who do these things purposely in order to get the refund.

However, try to contact your buyer and ask her what went wrong all of sudden. Ask her why she is not happy with the output as she was happy with the output before. If there’s anything she requests you to modify the work, try to do it. I know it’s hard when the buyer is demanding but whatever happens be patient & be polite with the client. Best thing is to have a conversation with the client and get it solved. But if it doesn’t work then we need to get CS help.

That’s better you contacted the CS. But I’m not aware about a fiverr online chat service. If you submitted a ticket, they will contact you by replying to your ticket. Also if it’s possible send CS, a screenshot of your conversation with the buyer, specially, the message that she says she is happy with what you did. So don’t worry about her behavior just take a deep breath & let’s see what will happen okay. :slight_smile:


Ask what exactly she/he isn’t happy with and offer a modification. Customer support will probably tell you the same.

Stay polite and professional at all times, even though it can get a little frustrating at times.

Try and work it out. Make sure to be honest with your client. Let them know you worked hard on this project and that you unfortunately don’t offer cancellations but you will try your best to modify it.


Don’t forget, the buyer can ask you to cancel, but if you did the work and offer reasonable corrections, you can reject the mutual cancellation request.


ya , she wants the mutual cancellation , and she z saying that if i cancel this gig she will buy another (less amount) and pay it out


Finally her account got cancelled !!!