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My client has had me redo work so many times now.. its not worth it

So my clients is having me create a video animation for them. I complete an entire video using the sounds and images the give me. I send them an initial copy to lookover and get feedback.

She gives me suggestions
I add them and spend another 2 hours rendering it.

i submit it
She says sorry but i actually gave you the wrong song can you redo it

I agree and redo it and render it again.

I submit it
She wants shooting stars

I add shooting stars and submit it

Now she wants another **** thing added.

At this point its not worth the 150$ and iv spent more than enough time on this gig.

How can I end this respectfully. And is there anyway i can be compensated for this. I don’t care about a bad review at this point.

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Tell her that if she wants anymore changes she has to pay you for it. But say it politely.


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Just a word of advice, your clients can read this forum too, so I’d be careful about saying things that could piss off potential clients. I know you were joking, but if I was ordering from you and found out that you were literally going to b***h me out for asking for otherwise small revisions, I’d raise hell.

This is the exact reason why I am 100% adamant that all freelancers should have at least a year in customer service experience before freelancing. Because if you can deal with the awful customers in retail or fast food, once you start freelancing, even annoying clients are a breeze. There is a way to deal with people and talk to people, dealing with them sternly without making yourself look like a fool.

Just my two cents.


I’d ask for extra money politely or i’d cancel friendly with no hard feeling

You should put in your gigs that you offer X amount of revisions only.

But yeah, I agree it’s not good to come here to complain about a customer even if you’re just joking. It’s not a good look for the “professional services” you’re offering.

Mention the number of revision on your gig also on gig details.
Although sometimes we do more than what we mention :disappointed:

You should always mention the number of time you will be reviewing a work. After that your buyer pay

At this point its not worth the 150$ and iv spent more than enough time on this gig.

Do you mean $150 or $15? $150 if it’s a very short video doesn’t sound bad at all.