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My client is blaming me for password changing

My client is blaming me for password changing even i did nothing and did not changed any password or information of hosting
Look here his messages {Hey I’m not sure what you did to my website but everytime I try to login to wp-admin on ba11oons I’m getting an internal server error.)
(You changed the password on the ba11oons cpanel.)
(Why did you do that?.. This doesn’t feel safe. Let me know why this has happened before I report u to fiverr.)
So please suggest me what i should do?


I am a toperworker
Hi, don’t worry.
My suggestion. you go to fiverr help center

Well I’m not an expert but I think “internal error” has nothing to do with changing passwords, right?

Did you try to explain to your client that those things are not connected? And what that mistake means?


Verify on your side doing a login with the credentials provided by the client. He is probably referring to an error 500, that literally is an “internal server error”, but sometimes may be caused by an error in the template.


He is saying about hosting cpanel login not website to migrate so what i should do?

The buyer mentions that he is trying to login to wp-admin, that is the WordPress back end. As for Cpanel, you were given the credentials, presumably. Try to login with the credentials you have to verify if there is actually a problem.


You can try changing the password yourself and then telling him the new password. He wouldn’t see that message from trying to login, he would see it if he was trying to view the site on his browser.

If it was just a wrong password he was using, he would get a message it was a wrong password. Who knows what he is doing. Yes see if you can login with the correct password.

Can you also login to wp-admin? If you have a top notch hosting for that site you can get them to figure it out for you.

It sounds like he is confusing c panel with wp-admin.

Soon he will realize that it was not a password issue and he will say something like “ah look, it was not you” and everything is continue like nothing happened. You will “just” feel bad for a long time.


I would think that you are professional and should know how to deal with this issues, no?

It doesn’t look like a huge problem for me especially if you didn’t change anything, just communicate with your client and explain what is his issue.


In some cases (wrong file permissions or a php error in the template) a login to wp-admin returns an error 500. I would not change the password, I have the feeling that the buyer could not take it well.


If still he says that he will report to fiverr then what will be ? will fiverr take any action against me?

If you will communicate with your buyer and explain that that is not a password problem but a different one and how to solve it then why would they report you???

Did you try to do what we asked you about?

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Did you verify what the buyer said? First thing to do. More than 10 posts and 1 hour later you are still at square one.


It’s easier to try to forget the whole thing.

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Try to contact the hosting company, probably the IP of the user had blacklisted.

Only browser side error will not help at all, You need to check server side error log and access log for it. It will show you proper error message. Hope that will help you to solve internal server error…!! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

So my all gigs went down in searching so i think these went to before fiverr support for revision?So what may happen now any one can tell me?

I can’t really see that there’s any relationship between your gig ranking and your buyer having a problem.

You mentioned your gig ranking dropping a week ago:

The buyer’s problem has only just happened? Have you helped them fix it yet?


Have you implemented the suggestions you were given, and have you solved your client’s problem (especially since one of your services is fixing WP errors)?

If you care more about your gig placement than doing the work you were given and solving your client’s problem, you could get in trouble fast.


Even i have not changed hosting cpanel login and at my end i was login through old password and even i explained everything to my client but he felt very suspecious .Now he is offline since 11 hours and i have no confirmation as he has reported me or not but my all gigs went down before 2 hours.So what you have idea about him as he has reported my account or not?