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My client is MAD!

Im trying to make something out of fiverr, but all im getting is hell clients… Look at below, everything because text was centered and not left aligned… It wasn’t even delivery yet :no_mouth: I can’t even calm down her, asking her to upload backup but she responds with - “NO IT IS MESS I WANT NEW!”


You should tell her you will not respond until she can calm down and message you like a polite normal person.

Stop replying while she is doing this.


Yea, how much % of your clients are that mad?

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I’ve never had anyone send me messages in all caps.
I think you need to cancel that order. It’s only $15 and she is abusing you.

Send a message to customer support along with those screenshots. Do not reply at all to her and tell them you need to cancel because she is not rational.

That is absolutely awful what she is doing.


Yeah I’ve already done that. Omg this platform is so hard, this week I had 3 orders which all was canceled because of my clients madness. Im not gonna give up, but im gonna sure use this weekend … :upside_down_face:


It’s one reason I raised my prices so high, to get rid of buyers like that. I’m so sorry you had to deal with that!


I’m sorry that this is happening to you but this is hilarious.

I’ve seen screenshots of a similar situation unravelling on some “Clients from hell” kind of group and it ended with: “This is her husband speaking. You killed my wife with your behaviour and will go to jail.”

You’re handling it very well, OP, you really do.

PS I had a potential buyer flipping out on me for declining to work with them. They proceeded to stalk me for 8-10 months from different accounts claiming I hurt them like no one ever had before.


It’s not Fiverr, it’s society. The average person these days has the intelligence and civility of a yeast infection.

Cancel this order. Absolutely do not deliver anything or attempt to appease this buyer. Just cancel.

If crazy had a classification, this would be Type-1


On her profile, among other things, she calls herself “the caring voice of wisdom & expertise.”

All the reviews she’s received are very, very positive, and she’s giving detailed positive reviews, too. Who knows what’s going on with her.


Sounds like a life coach TBH…


Not quite… You can click on the first post and see what was there before editing, you’ll find her.


I feel like you shouldn’t be teaching me this but thank you, I was entertained (and slightly disturbed).


Thank you all for support. I think that its hilarious that it all affects my cancellation rate. Like really fiverr

If you contact CS with screenshots and ask them to cancel, it might not affect your cancellation rate.


Oh, clutch my pearls, it’s so dramatic! You’re so horrible! My doctor is on his way; you’re in for it now!


Seriously, now. As soon as the all caps came out, I would have been done chatting and gone to contact CS. This is so ridiculous. Makes you want to laugh and pull your hair out at the same time. Time to be done with this one.

I once had a guy insist that I could do a certain animation in a video that my program just didn’t support. No amount of explaining could get him to understand that it simply was not possible. He kept rejecting the delivery and demanding that I do it, calling me stupid and everything else. I finally reached out to CS, and they cancelled the whole thing with no repercussions to me. People can be so frustrating! But I have to say that this is pretty entertaining too. :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel so bad for anyone who has to get these types of messages.


Yeah! Thank gods im introvert. Life is so easier. If i would care about this type of people i would go crazy too probably.


You guys may think that this is only few messages. But i have over few hundreds of messages from her like “IM GONNA HANG MYSELF YOU STRESSED ME SO MUCH”. Well i stopped believing her after she write “MY DOCTOR IS CHECKING IF THERE IS BED IN HOSPITAL” Damn. And all of that about insane outdated website filed with keyword stuffing. I doubt if it makes more than she paid me for this job.

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Buy them a rope.

Don’t really, just cancel. You are working with someone PRETENDING to be needy, who is just a :poop: human being.


Exactly. A lot of people like that this days. Frustrating that my work was trashed, but I think i need to just get first reviews, raise my prices and get away from this low clients hell.

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