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My client is MAD!

For once, the title was no click-bait.

I hope you’ll get that cancelled by support without any harm to your order completion rate and can block her. She definitely needs help but help that’s way beyond the scope of any Fiverr gig.


I don’t even bother to discuss with such persons , just ask support to cancel the order


Dang, speaking of drama queens!
She seems DEEPLY disturbed. I mean seriously.
I feel sorry for the OP of course, but I do feel a bit sorry for this buyer.
A lot of sh*t must have piled up in her life for her to act at this level of madness.


Oh my God I dont know how to respond to buyers like this poor you… I Hope the experience has gotten better now???

Has the wave of nauseating clients gone or are you still bearing it? do share

Oh currently time is awesome I have many clients with interesting projects and my bussiness is growing rapid fast, it was just lection for me that you need to check client before actually accepting work.

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I found a book for you @michal247 or anyone with difficult clients.


Thats so good to hear. I just saw your profile… nice to see some good review good luck! :stuck_out_tongue: and keep up the good work… :smiley:

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Oh I think I need that one not only because of clients, I think it may be must have for everyone in today’s society.

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I read it all over again… she might be your ex girlfriend trying to come back at you for dumping her by ruining your online income perhaps…? :rofl:

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Oh god if that would be my ex-girlfriend I would already be on my plane to Mexico :mexico: :airplane:


hahahahahah gosh :smiley:

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It doesn’t matter if there is a time like this

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I’ve been on Fiverr since 2012. I’ve had only a few crazies like that. The thing is, I don’t let them get that way. The second they start blaming, shaming, being vulgar whatsoever… they get a stern warning they will be reported to Fiverr for abusive behavior. ESPECIALLY over $15. I can see if they had spent over $100 and had waited months with poor results. Even THEN, it gives them no excuse to treat people poorly, to blame, or to be unprofessional. If they’re so unhappy, they could just request a cancellation. But for $12 payment I would be calling her out on her behavior and reporting her to customer service.

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Oh my god. She is really mad. hahaha :grinning: