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My client is sending me wrong resources for a current order


One of my client is sending me wrong resources every time and i cant complete the delivery. Please suggest me what to do in this situation…


At the time of every delivery give hard description. if any thing is not as per order mark it .


Thanks but he is sending me wrong resource every time and now he dont know what to do to fix the problem. Thats why i cant complete the task and also cant deliver it


You must deliver work in time .other wise it will be problem for you. read him carefully and find out what is related with order then do and submit , description must.


The buyer may closer attention to the resources he sends if you tell him that the more accurately you receive the information you need, the sooner you can complete the order for him and the higher the quality will be. I would put that in your gig description and gig requirement questions, too. I’ve found it helpful in my own sales.

You want to position your solution for yourself as a benefit to the seller, to give him incentive to participate more efficiently.