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My client ordered 19 multiple same GIG, with extra Fast 1day

(im not fluent in english)
my client ordered 19 gigs the same time (to make comics/manga ), and i have 1 day extra fast delivery, how fiverr clock ticking and have a countdown need to finish order with in 24 hours.
My client and I have an agreement that i will submit 1 comic page per day. and i have 19 days to complete it. my client knows it, and he told me he’s not going to cancel it. even if fiverr prompts.

:diamonds: do fiverr have power to automatically cancel my clients order since im late on delivery, "1 day delivery become to 19 days late…isnt okay?

:diamonds: what if my client cancel his order even if i almost finish or i completed his order.?

need answer asap.


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Fiverr wont cancel your order, but your client can, and if that happens you can open a dispute. What I advise you to do and that is what I do when a client order wrongly my Portuguese translations, is to deliver the order, and say that you will deliver the other comics later, but because of the way the order was made that will affect your delivered on time rate (which is not fair). If the client dont agree with this they will ask for a revision.
In the future try to send a custom gig to your clients if possible.

You can go through the resolution center and ask your client for more time. That way you can still deliver one comic per day, your client can hit the “Revision” button which will start the timer again to prevent the order from getting marked as complete.
You can do this for up to 30 days if the delivery time is set to 30 days for example.

I would strongly encourage you to try and go this route, talk it over with your client.

I you should send a custom order of the same 19 gig but with a longer duration to your client and explain to him that he should accept it…So that you can cancel the initial order. If he is your customer then he should understand.

Tell him the negative effect of ordering the gig the way he did.

I hope this help.

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This is a welcome change from the regular “I don’t have any sales” messages that we get on the forum everyday. Someone is literally complaining that they have too many orders.

You could send a message to the buy and explain it to them that, as per protocol, you will have to hit the deliver button on time before the deadline, but you will practically need more time to actually accomplish the 19 tasks. Buyers are humans, and often are sane individuals. I am sure they will understand if you explain your situation properly.

You better contact Customer Support as soon as possible.

yes I have done this before. I was late for delivery. Then buyer required for a revision. It took me 5 days to deliver it. It doesn’t effected my ratings. This might help you as well.

In future try to send custom offers by adding longer expire date so buyer can accept those day by day

good luck

Do one, press deliver, tell buyer to request mod to keep the order open, then deliver on a daily basis. You fulfil the contract and if you stick to your word CS won’t have an issue. Wouldn’t hurt to notify them of this now just in case there are issues, either. This really should have been a custom offer though…

Yea i agree with emmaki, that should be a custom order… If that was the method i use all this while, i would be DEAD by now!

ha! not need to do anyhing. sometimes late order may - ni problem, just show a profilew dashboard “on time delivery 90%, 70%” etc

You should simply raise a dispute by clicking on “Resolve Now” and choose “Other” and click next and chose “extend the delivery time” and “submit”. After that your client has 2 days to respond to the dispute. Need not to worry, in-between these days you should contact your buyer and clarify the same.

Uh, ok.

I think the best option is to request for more time using the 'Resolution Center"

Did fiverr ever find a solution to make the “extra fast” automatically multiply when the buyer chooses more than x1 gig?