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My client ordered 19 multiple same GIG with extra Fast 1day

(im not fluent in english)
my client ordered 19 gigs the same time (to make comics/manga ), and i have 1 day extra fast delivery, how fiverr clock ticking and have a countdown need to finish order with in 24 hours.
My client and I have an agreement that i will submit 1 comic page per day. and i have 19 days to complete it. my client knows it, and he told me he’s not going to cancel it. even if fiverr prompts.

:diamonds: do fiverr have power to automatically cancel my clients order since im late on delivery, "1 day delivery become to 19 days late…isnt okay?

:diamonds: what if my client cancel his order even if i almost finish or i completed his order.?

need answer asap.