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My client refuse to pay me

My client refuse to pay me. It’s been 3 weeks that he wanted a modification while he had the right to only 1 revision. He don’t send anything but don’t want to pay as well.

I told Fiverr support but they say that they can’t help.

What should i do ? Should i mark the order as completed and block him or what ?


Did you offer to do the modification for price? If the Buyer wants more work, you deserve to be paid for it, but you do need to work something out yourself.

If they want more revisions than you offer, then say so.

Thank you for your continued interest in my services. The extra work will cost X. I have sent you a Gig Extra to cover this expense for you to accept at your convenience. If you do not accept within X days, I will assume my work done and resubmit the order for completion.


Thank you for your continued interest in my service. I have, however, completed your order according to the scope and specifications. I have also provided X free revisions thus far, even though the order only offered X. If you would like me to continue working on this, it will cost $X for each additional revision.




Thank you for ur respond.

I have explain that but he didn’t want to and keep demanding modifications. What should i do please ?

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Just to make sure I’m not misunderstanding:
You’ve sent a Gig Extra that details the modifications they want and the cost?

He opened a litigation because he wanted me to revise his work ( for free).

I opened a litigation and i sent him an extra revision for X$ but he refused.

He said he want it for free while i explained to him that i offered him 3 free revisions and the gig description gave him only 2 free revisions.

I don’t know if the order will be marked as completed or no. He keep asking for revisions but when i sent him the extra he refused and keep saying that i wasn’t honest while i am. I did all my work and he said that it was a lot of money n that he don’t wanna pay.

I contacted the support but they don’t give me any solution …


If you are sure the order is 100% complete, to the scope/brief of the original order, then redeliver it. Restate the order in-full, and the revisions you’ve already made in the delivery message.

This might turn into a battle, where you deliver, he declines, you deliver again, he declines again, etc.

Okay, I just spotted a problem. You claim in your gigs “Satisfaction 100% guaranteed” (in ALL the images). You have, technically, made a binding promise that you will do revisions until the client is satisfied. I also spotted nothing that states what a revision is or is not. Fiverr cannot help you, when your own contract has loopholes.

I STRONGLY suggest you fix both those.

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Just do the revisions until the client is satisfied. Communication is the key here. If the client is not satisfied He will leave bad review which is a big cost. if he cancel the order or you cancel it’s also a dangerous thing for the seller account.

I prefer to complete the order even if I don’t get the review at all but if it can be canceled that is not bad choice to avoid a poor review.

We are already in a battle… thank you so much for helping me. It’s sad to see that Fiverr can’t so anything about it

I can’t cancel the order because its about a lot of money and i worked hard for it.

I did everything but the buyer just refuse to pay me that’s all. He dont wanna pay n keep lying by saying he wants revision while he dont send anything so i can revise it.

He just want me to cancel the order while i can’t. I prefer a bad review than not get payed for my job. It took me months !

Thank u

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Oh, okay, that you might be able to do something about. You said you already contacted Customer Support? If the ticket is still open, ask CS if they will reach out to your client for you.