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My Client(s) Not able to leave reviews

Hey there! So This is a repeat client for me and I’ll mention first that I did not ask them to leave a review, I also have more projects with them lined up but they just sent me a message saying they weren’t able to leave a review on the project that we just finished recently. (They’ve left reviews before on previous projects)

I inquired them why they weren’t able to and they showed me this screenshot. Just wondering if this is happening to anyone else? I’ve blurred the actual review in the image but this is from my client’s screen.

The same thing happened with a different client a few days ago, Again I didn’t ask them to leave a review but they were nice enough to let me know that they weren’t able to leave a review because fiverr wouldn’t let them. I didn’t pay any attention to it but today I felt a little suspicious so leaving this here.


Did this ever get resolved? My client just informed she cannot leave a review. She types it and tries to submit and it says please enter at least 10 characters over and over.

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same problem here :frowning: