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My Client want to refund after 2 month of payment

I have successfully accomplished my client’s job and delivered it within time. I got payment after 14 days then I spend it for my personal reason but after 2 month later my client knock me and want to refund that amount. I don’t understand what should I do now?


You made the job. He accepted.
What’s his problem?

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Nothing to do here, cause fiverr priority to the buyer. But you can contact the buyer and explain your request. If he impressed you are lucky.

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What are the reasons for the demand? (If the reasons are unfounded, you’ll need to contact customer support. But you need to provide a LOT more information.)


@nikyshouse, thank you for your advice.
My client said that his client stop the project … lol…

@imagination7413, Thank you dear, no, I have submitted all necessary docs as per our agreement even extra for promotional gift … lol … he said his client stop the project.
@kowseradnan , we also payed service charge to fiverr, they should protect us too. In any how I have convince that client, but there should have a general guide line from fiverr to buyer in refund policy. Haven’t it?

Have you read Fiverr’s Terms of Service? It’s all there.

No problem!
Also, HIS client stopped the project.
I feel sorry for him but…Your job was a separate thing.
It’s really not hard to understand at all. :sweat_smile: