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My client wants to cancel the work

Hi. I got a job yesterday. The client asked me to draw a character for a rapper. He gave me 15 dollars to draw in 3 hours.
While I was working on it, I sent him every stage. And he gave approval. He asked for the latest work to his mail. I sent it as an e-mail. The next day he told me that the rapper did not like and wanted to cancel.
However, I did not speak to the rapper. I talked to that customer and he gave me approval. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t continue. Is not it? The excuse to cancel is that I will not finish within 3 hours. However, I finished the study in 2 hours. But every time I wrote to him, I waited 1 hour to answer. So it took a long time. I hope you will protect me. Thank you. Evidence exists in our messaging.

Can fiverr protect me in this regard?


This is a frequent problem. You weren’t working with the end buyer. This isn’t impossible to do, but (as you’ve learned) it’s very risky.

If the order is canceled, you can at least use the drawing in your own portfolio.

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I can use it, but I spent a lot of effort. Then I will send a message to everyone and have a drawing. Yes, let me confirm that I like it. Let me get the work and cancel it. Is it really that easy.

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We on the forums are only buyers and sellers. If you have questions for Fiverr, you’ll need to contact Customer Support.

As for the drawing, rights only transfer upon payment. If the order is canceled, they haven’t paid, they cannot use the drawing.

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Never send anything through email. You could get in trouble for communicating off Fiverr.


im novice :frowning: