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My client wants to take off some cost from the order

Hi, I’m Shohan,

A few days ago I created a custom offer for my client which is for design a WordPress website and for a logo design. At first, I created this full website, after that she(client) told me she did not want the logo now, she will create her logo later. So now, she wants to take off the cost of the logo from the main order budget which I created this offer. And I already deliver this project, because the delivery date will expire soon, and she didn’t come online for 1 or 2 days. But she didn’t accept the delivery. Today come online and told me to there is no way to take off the cost of logo from main order, now she wants to cancel the order and told me to create a new order. If I cancel this order, is it impacting on my profile? Or now, what can I do? Please help me.


Don’t cancel the order if you have delivered properly. Don’t let them scam you

  1. Why would you want to cancel an order after completing the work? The answer is you wouldn’t. The buyer commissioned you, and you did the work.

  2. Scam part 1. Scammers know you can’t issue partial refunds. They tell you to remove the smallest part of the order to make their request feel genuine.

  3. Scam part 2. If you cancel the order, do you really think this buyer is going to accept a new custom offer, or do you think they will walk away with your work for free?

  4. Any cancellation will affect your account negatively.

  5. You ask what can I do? You refuse any cancellation request.


Thank you very much for your great explanation.

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Ok, thank you very much.

Though in this case the buyer probably isn’t going to be very happy if it doesn’t get cancelled since they asked for it to be. I agree it’s really too late once the work has already been done and delivered. Though if the buyer reviews it it’s likely to be a bad rating. The account only has 1 other rating so 1 bad rating could put the average under minimum required to send offers to buyer requests and could make it harder to get new orders.

Since there’s only 1 review currently it might be worth creating a new offer for it without the logo and cancelling the current one if they accept that new one, and saying they have no rights to the delivered logo if that is done.


Yours is a pragmatic approach and in far less grumpy times I would agree!

Another approach would be to offer the buyer a discount (not free!) off a future order. At least this would show willing and, if the buyer is genuine, placate them a little.

However, it is simply bad business practice for a client to order a service and then want to cancel it simply because they don’t want it - and it is this that I would fight.

Or, as I suspect is the case, the buyer does want the service and is using the smaller part of the order as leverage to release them from paying for everything.

The truth is that the op is likely to lose whatever they decide to do - whether it’s financially, with a low feedback rating or morally. The only other thing to do is to ask customer support to intervene.


I’ve contacted CS about this some time ago and the procedure for partial refunds that they recommend is:

  • send a custom offer for the updated amount;
  • cancel the previous order AFTER the new offer is accepted.

It can sound somewhat suspicious to the buyer that they have to essentially pay twice. But that’s what they expose themselves to by behaving suspiciously.

Not all the buyers know how the fiverr cancellations/refunds system works. Not to mention, the system is pretty odd and flawed to just assume it works the way it does. It’s not necessarily a scam attempt.

PS What was the price of the logo and the full price of the order if you don’t mind me asking?


Standard manipulation. do not cancel the order.

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Its likely the buyer just doesn’t want to pay for the whole thing

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The full price is $115, and $25 for the logo. Actually, a few hours ago, the buyer canceled this order and told me to create a new offer. Then I created a new offer and she accepted. After that, she apologizes for canceling this order but she said she liked my work. But my account’s order completion rate is now 50% and I did not find any buyer request from this gig which she canceled. She said she finds someone for her logo. But she didn’t even tell me what happens to my design of her business logo. I don’t know. She could have made some changes to the logo if she wanted. She told me to design a mandala and she sent me a sample picture, I designed 3 different mandala art better than her sample. She said, didn’t like that, but she didn’t even clear me which thing I’ve to change about this logo. And her color combination is not good. Those color does not look great in the white background. Then I created a vector modern abstract shape 3d flower. And I send it to her. She just said look nice. But after that, she didn’t come online for a long time. Then she wanted to take off this cost when he came online. I think maybe she finds someone for this logo with a low budget or either I could not satisfied her with those designs. Her color combinations are #66cccc and #cccccc.

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People want what people want. Unskilled people take their personal wants to be God-given fact that all people pray to.

An experienced person knows their taste and lets it guide them but can also adjust to some extent to deliver something from a different taste-set. or knows when not to try.

Finish the job as you can and move along. You can even decline future work from them if they don’t show a mindset more conducive to a good outcome (or more pay).

Yesterday I showed my 9 yo how to do some horrible flashing zoomy video editing I would never do myself. She was delighted at this show of (to me) schlock garbage. It was interesting to work out how some of it is done.

Today I signed with a Mixing client with talent for a very low price because I want that song in my portfolio. Straight away they sent all the raw music completely wrongly compared to the posted Requirements. I sent straight back asking for raw tracks to be supplied as requested as this is how the job works, esp if they are paying 1/6th of the proper price. If they have a hissy fit they can go as unskilled singers are the pits.

A good client plays with honor at all times, not only when it suits them.


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If his request is legit ask him to place a new order with the new amount after that contact support and ask them to cancel the previous order without affecting your account , this is the safe way .

Edit : I just saw you mentioned that the order was cancelled a few hours ago

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Yeah, thanks for your precious information.

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thank sir. your solution is right