My client was happy throughout the process, but CS cancelled the order


I have an order one week back. The buyer was happy with my designs. H ave purchased 3 stock photos for him. But suddenly he contacted CS and they cancelled my order without prior notice. Why this happens?I had 100% rating in all areas. This made me little back. Atleast they have to check the conversation on the order panel. Does anybody have experience like this?



I am sorry that you had to go through this. I think you have been a victim of a nasty Paypal charge-back. Paypal gives their users the option to have any money that they may have spent in the last 6 months refunded to their account, no questions asked… Some buyers take advantage of this loophole to place an order with sellers (like you and me) and claim that they have gotten excellent service from us… only to charge-back the money in the future.

Can you check if that particular buyer’s account is active anymore? It should be disabled by now. Also, contact CS and let them know that you have done everything you can to offer an excellent service as described in your gig (and that the buyer also gave you a 5-star review). I have heard of certain instances where Fiverr has fought against a charge-back on behalf of the seller.