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My client was unsatisfied with my work

My client was unsatisfied with the work I delivered on time, so we decided to extend the time. I sent him the revisions of my work and he told me that basically, it won’t work for him, he doesn’t want the job anymore. I have already tried to cancel the order before I get a bad note on my profile. How can I do to cancel it? And another question: What can I do to delete the images I sent him so he can use them for his purposes (because it was like he got a free work) obviously he didn’t pay me anything and I don’t want him to use my work and don’t receve anything in change (the payment or at least the credit)

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You can try to contact CS and ask them to cancel the order. However, CS seems to be extremely busy and slow with their responses recently.

You can also use the Resolution Center on your order’s page to ask your buyer to cancel. This option will affect your stats for sure.

You can’t do anything to “delete” your delivered work.

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Make sure you enable the watermark option in your settings so that when the work arrives, “Fiverr” is written across the image so it’s unusable in its proof state. This sucks and has happened to me a few times. I even had someone not like my work, tell me he didn’t want any more revisions from me, but then refuse to cancel the order. People can be jerks.