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My clients leave no feedback

Hi guys.
I have had a few orders where clients did not leave any feedback. Also, I cannot ask them to rate because it’s against TOS. Due to this, my ratings have not increased and my new gig is dry! Obviously, clients won’t look for my services if there are no or a few ratings.

What should I do?

Many Thanks


Actually maybe nothing to do, because its client wish and focus on your service

Whenever i ask them, are you satisfied they reply happily say you did an awesome job! :ok_woman:

Hello there, Asking for rating or Feedback is against the Fiverr TOS, but what you can do is do your job and always engage with the client in the order page about there inquiries, your welcome message after getting a new order and when you deliver also add a Great message about the project how you enjoyed working on that. But do not ask to rate or feedback.

Hope it may help
Great day


There’s plenty of reasons for buyers not to want to leave a review. Privacy being a huge one.
That’s normal, nothing to worry about, you just have to move on and focus on your sales, you will get enough reviews eventually. No one here has 100% feedback to order ratio, something close to 70-80% is good.
Only 50% of the orders I completed got a review. Mostly because some repeat buyers tend to leave a review only on their first 1 or 2 orders and prefer to skip that part in future projects.


:smiley: :smiley: Nothing to do. Totally it is the buyer’s choice. The buyer can rate your work or not. :smiley: :smiley: :+1:

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Thanks for pointing out. My one and only repeat buyer didn’t left a review on his last order.