My commercials look pixelated. Is there an optimum setting to correct this?


I have a few ads that look solid and a few that look pixelated. Is there a preferred video setting when I upload that will take care of this problem?


I think Fiverr says not to use unusual aspect ratios - I don’t know whether it’s optimized for 1.78:1.
It re-encodes to 848 pixels wide.

If the video you uploaded was high enough res and high enough bitrate, and it still pixlates when shown on Fiverr, it may be that for the target bitrate Fiverr encodes to that your video is just to complex (eg. very hard to predict motion in the background) to encode without visible artefacts (eg. full screen fire, complex other motion). Maybe in that case try with a slower moving, simpler to encode background.


Fiverr says your advertisement video should be reflective of your work. When I compress one minute of video to under a minute and under 50 MB it’s too pixelated. I don’t want people thinking their finished product will be the same way.


I agree. I said something similar before. It can’t really be representative of your actual work (Iin picture quality/resolution) since Fiverr re-encodes it to 848 pixels wide and a low bitrate.

But check the properties of your videos in something like MediaInfo - as they were before you upload them. Compare the properties of your videos that look good (not pixelated) to the ones that look pixelated. Make sure they are all using a frame aspect ratio of 1.78:1 (16:9) and are square pixels and that none are encoded letterboxed in a 4:3 frame or anything like that. I’d upload them at either 1280x720 or 1920x1080 at a high bitrate, even though Fiverr will re-encode them to 848 wide at their side (technically I wondered whether it might be better to encode them at 848x478 so Fiverr wouldn’t do any re-sizing of the picture after upload, or a multiple of 848 wide so their scaling down might be easier, but I think high bitrate 720p or 1080p, with square pixels, not letterboxed etc.should give a good enough file for Fiverr to downconvert (even though it might be better if it kept the original sent resultion and bitrate etc.).


I just uploaded them as they are. With they process, there’s no way it’s not going to look pixelated. The upload limit for delivering files is 100MB, seems like that should be the limit for commercials as well instead of 50 MB. I added a disclaimer that says VIDEO HAS BEEN COMPRESSED FOR FIVERR. YOUR VIDEO WILL NOT BE PIXELATED. Stinks, but I don’t really have any choice.


Have you checked the properties of your non-pixelated and your pixelated video files in something like MediaInfo?
Pixalating might not necessarily be all because of compression artefacts (though to be honest, the low bitrate does seem to be an issue with the one I looked at - like I said you could try changing what’s in the video to try to reduce the artefacting by making it easier to compress). But still, compare the properties of both in MediaInfo or something similar. Ensure they are all square pixel 1.78:1, not letterboxed 4:3.


ok, ill look and see what i can do


I found a tutorial online HOW TO MAKE A WEB OPTIMIZED VIDEO FOR FIVERR GIG. It’s in a foreign language but I did follow his steps using a program called HANDBRAKE. I got a 70 MB video to under 30 MB and it isn’t pixelated. Once it posts, I’ll let you know.


Ive decided its the combination of the flames and moving chains. Just too much to handle. i reshot the video which is way better now and the only horrible part was with that specific background. Glad I experimented with this the last few days. Gonna update all my commercials.