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My Competitor Copied My Client's Review, But How?

Hi Everyone! Today I was just Analyzing my Competitor’s Profile and I just saw that the Review that he got on his Profile from a Client is exactly the same as my client gave me a Review! But they both are from different countries, My Review is 2 Months old and his 2 weeks old. What should be done in this case? What I think is that my competitor got a fake review Maybe and copied my review and pasted in his Profile! What do you all think?
Thank you so much!


Below is the Review that is copied. this picture i took from my profile.


Sellers cannot control or dictate what a buyer puts in their review text.

Could it be a “fake” review? Maybe. Maybe not. But sellers cannot copy and paste reviews on their gigs or profile. Sellers can respond to reviews, but that doesn’t change what the actual review is rated or says.


You are not rival stores open for business right next to each other in the same physical street. Sellers who offer similar services as what you do are not “competitors” to sabotage, destroy, and drive out of business. They are other providers of the service. Seeing other sellers as “competitors” may drive people to do cruel, desperate, and prohibited actions. Best not to walk down that path.


Why would you specifically need to do anything about it? People can do whatever they want, but at the end of the day if it doesn’t affect what we do, taking actions on it will only waste our time which we can spend to improve what we do.

Just ignore it and mind your own business!

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Generic reviews are still reviews.

I wonder what your post would have been had the review been negative.

Would you be as concerned about “my competitor copied my client’s review” in that case?


It’s still only a review.


some buyers dont know to write good in words, so they copy the good feedback from other sellers profile and paste