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My completion rate dropped

I am thinking you don’t cancel an order? Seller made a purchase and I started working on it and she said that’s not what she wanted so she ask that I cancel and she will make the right order.
I am just seeing that my completion rate has dropped due to cancelling.

I joined fiverr last month

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Yes, This happens most of the times, people order something and if they don’t like it they want to cancel and get the refund. I have faced many peoples want to cancel for nothing even after just two hours of order placed, saying now they don’t want it.
Order cancelation rate completely depends on the amount of order for example, if the order is $25 or less the order completion rate drops by 1-2% and if the order is around $75 it drops by 4%.
I have been noticing this pattern since last 2 years. so make sure not to cancel a big $$$ order anyhow. make them understand somehow if they don’t understand. let them go to hell and focus on reaching new clients.

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Now I know. Thank you

Thanks for Sharing your experience. it’s will be helpful for a new seller.

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Relay great experience…

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