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My completion rate has been restored to 100%

Hello guys,
So few days ago a buyer cancelled an order and my Account’s completion rate got decreased from 100% to 50%, however, I just noticed that my completion rate has been restored back to 100%, is this due to the Fiverr evaluation which just happened? Or I’m lucky?
Thanks in advance


Also as a note, I did a job after the previous buyer’s order got cancelled, and in the new job I got a 5star review and I completed it in two days instead of four, could this be a factor also?


Not according to that. Might be a bug.

Okay, well I contacted customer support so I think they restored it

As far as I know after 60 days, completion rate restore to 100%. Because that show 60 days result. And same case happened with me.

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Hello, “Order completion” rate and “Ontime delivery rate” counts over the course of the last 60 days. If the order that was canceled before is crossed 60 days, then the order cant be count with the data of “order completion” and “ontime delivery”. Check when was the order canceled and if already its been 60 days from the canceled date.