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My Completion rate is dropping day by day

my Order Completion rate dropped from 92% to 88%
Even I have not cancelled Orders more than 1
I have completed 12 order and Cancelled Only 1

First they dropped it from 100% to 92% when I cancelled 1 Order.

Then from 92% to 90%
Then 90% to 89%
And now 88%

I don’t know what the issue they have.


Completion rate is calculated over the last 60 days, so the %age changes as the calendar moves forward.

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it’s count you last 60 days order.
If you are not getting order and complete the next few days then it will drop again and again. and the end of the 60 days it will show again 100%.

gain order and fix problem

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Hello @alivideoeditor,
Answer from @coerdelion & @kawsarchy23
and its normal don’t worry about that and try to send request if you are not getting orders and it will really help otherwise the rating will go down as per the calculation or last 60 days,

Best of Luck
Adeel Hanif