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my concerts are not published

hello I have problems to publish my gigs who can help me publish it and they do not come out in the category and they appear active

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Check this out: for how to get started on Fiverr.

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Make A Preparation first, then make your gig. It will get a better result for you.

  1. Get A keyword regarding your service
  2. Make a title with that keyword and use it also in SEO title box
  3. Research Your service, go see some others gigs similar to your service and see what categories they are using, then be specific on Category[ Be careful when you select your sub category]It is important to get Buyer Requests
  4. Use some good tags[use your keyword there]
  5. Use your keyword in Description & FAQS
  6. Use your gallery as it is your portfolio
  7. Put Requirements
  8. Done & Publish

I hope there won’t be any problem.
But if your gig is new and it has already activated. Then give some time to it, because Fiverr doesn’t work fast, you need to have patience.

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Thanks you so much for such great post

ok thank you very much for your reply I hope it serves me