My Content is Being Held Hostage and WHERE IS FIVERR TO HELP


Hello, I really do not like wasting my time making complaints and as much negativity going on in the world it’s not helpful however I have to voice my concerns because I cannot seem to find how FIVERR helps settle concerns between buyers and sellers.

I have one page to do the content was all lined up and I asked before I started and paid for the job with this seller known as ****** if he would be able to complete the job in 24 hours which was a condition for the job. He said yes I paid for the work to be done and nearly immediately afterward he asked can I turn it around in 2 days. As with most of us know many times what people say is not true but giving the benefit of the doubt I agreed. I had only three days to turn the job around.


This job started on May 23 and I still do not have the final output the sad part is I cannot get in touch with FIVERR to help remediate this situation.

As a customer - Sellers if you say you can do a job please have it done in time and as expected because it’s our job to pay you on time and since I have paid now have to chase the world around the world wide internet to not get my money back but the work in completed form.

OH here is the kicker - he asked that I give him a good rating!!! Didn’t I just mentioned it’s May 31st and I still do not have the 48-hour job returned to me at this moment since the 23rd! I cannot make this up and for the past two day’s I have asked nicely for him to complete (and yes he’s been online not one message answered) it so we can close it out and NOTHING!

It’s my understanding this is not the one off here it’s almost standard I’ve heard from others. I know better now FIVERR just get my product please so I can move on.

In the end I missed the job deadline date and he still hasn’t done anything or said anything about it since he has my money. SCAM ARTIST!

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Hi there!

Sorry you’ve had a problem! Could you please remove the seller’s name from your post, as it’s against the forum rules.

You can open a CS ticket here:

Hope you get it sorted out. :slight_smile:


Hey Gigi, just read your post. Feel sorry for your loss. In fact, “sorry” doesn’t cut it. In your scenario, you haven’t lost the money. You can open a complaint from the Fiverr Dashboard in that respective assignment page and demand a refund through the system. No hassles in entire process. Seeing that you need your work immediately, i’d rather suggest you get another designer and emphasize on URGENT delivery.

Payments are held in an Escrow at Fiverr for 14 days, so your seller or whoever this person is, cannot access them immediately even after the project is automatically marked as complete/ delivered. I am also going to give him the benefit of doubt as he/she may be going through some personal issues. So, good luck with your future endeavors and all the best. Be cautious in future.


That’s a sad one, sorry for the terrible first experience. As others have pointed out, there are perfectly legal means of getting back your money and getting the job done by someone else. You could request a cancellation (or reject the order, at the very least) on the order page. You could also send the case right to Customer Support.

With that said, I’d love to address a particular concern:

Fiverr does not promote or encourage the scamming of buyers. Far from it. Sellers with such a reputation are eventually removed (though not as fast enough as many would hope). If you are not comfortable making future purchases here, I fully get it. However, while there are those who consider Fiverr to be the bedrock of scam artists and conmen, there are those who find it to be a goldmine. There are both good and bad sellers on Fiverr (as with every marketplace, I believe), and sweeping generalizations like the above does no good to the good folks here.

Again, the predicament was terrible and the seller does not deserve to continue in this marketplace. CS should get it sorted out. Hopefully.