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My conversation with God about Fiverr


The last 4 weeks I was thinking how to make more money on Fiverr, and the thought that I get in my “quiet time” was… keywords! I was thinking to myself and as a Christian I was talking to God and said to Him: God what can keywords do for me, to make more money on Fiverr? And you know what…! There was not a big voice saying… : Charles just use these words for every Gig. No I receive these words (Charles just use these words for every Gig) as a thought. I did what I hear and…no… I am not a top seller, but follow these instructions gave me more buyers and I love it the way it goes now!

Of course I want to have more then 1000 buyers :wink: , but for now I am satisfied and looking forward to make some extra bucks on Fiverr…the best $5 market on the world!

No, I do not share my thoughts (keywords, words), but I share my story with you guys to encourage people and go for it and find a way to succeed on Fiverr!

Here is my link and if you need it just make the Order, If you like it then make me happy and collect my Gig. Take care …fellow sellers


Charles :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: