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My copyright art being shown

One of my great artist here has art I own and paid for. I told him I do not want this shown and he said he can’t take it off his page here because Fiverr won’t let him.
Well I own it not Fiverr amd I want it removed now! How does one call this company. They like my money they will follow my orders


You can’t call them but you can create a support ticket and ask them to remove it at:

or email them at

If and when you review a delivery there’s an option to deselect the image etc. so it doesn’t show in the live gallery or next to the review but only Fiverr can remove it once the review is posted if it was through the review that it got added.

This is what the help says about reviewing:

As a buyer, you can add or remove a work sample for your review. To remove the work sample, click the (✓) in the middle of the work sample thumbnail. The thumbnail image will be replaced by a ( + ).


In addition to what is said above, if it is absolutely crucial for you that the art does not show up even in the meantime while you wait for customer support to step in and remove it (it might take a few days), you can kindly ask the seller to temporarily hide their whole portfolio.
Keep in mind however, that they have the right to refuse as this could be potentially damaging to to their workflow, since portfolio is very important for artists and pausing it can be akin to putting their whole career on hold.

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If he can turn it off. I my case, I can’t the option is greyed out for all my gigs, I can’t even click on it.

Exactly. Follow these tips that people put above.