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My Courage my Work

Hi All,
I am new here on fiverr. I am crazy to work on it. Good luck to all

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I am very professional in web development , but unfortunately i am trying to get work from last 1 year, but nobody is interested to work with me. please guys suggest me what should i do ?


Try to make attractive gigs and get some tips from youtube.

Every freelancer is a little bit crazy. But that’s what makes us good at what we do. We’re crazy to do things differently – to be bold enough to stand up to tradition, and instead, be our own bosses. Believe it or not, every single successful business – all over the world – was started by a person whom everyone else called crazy.

Bill Gates was crazy enough to start a computer company in his garage. Today, that company – Microsoft – has software installed on every new computer.

A college kid name Mark Zuckerberg had a crazy idea to start a social media website in his college dorm room. Today, that social media company – Facebook – is the largest, most influencial social media website on the internet.

Henry Ford was crazy enough to think he could build an inexpensive automobile that normal people could afford. Today, Ford Motor Company is one of the largest car companies in the world, and each automobile – and almost every other product known to man – is manufactured via a mass production manufacturing method that he invented.

Crazy is part of business. No business can succeed without a little bit – or a lot – of crazy. Crazy builds innovation, the future, and the world of commerce.

That being said… be crazy. That’s what we’re all about. Welcome to the awesome crazy world of freelancing!


You Rock!

You’re an awesome asset to the Community, @JonBaas! :wink: :heart:

Bookmarked it for the mek sellers.

CrazySexyCool! :crazy_face: :relaxed: