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My cousin tried to commit suiscide beacuse of her account get blocked by fiverr :(


its really sad fiverr blocked my cousins account today after just she get level one account she is highly broken i am very sad for her lose


Your cousin needs professional help, if this is a true story. Anyone who would even consider such a thing because of losing any job, needs serious help.

If you genuinely believe that the account was shut down in error; meaning it was a mistake and your cousin didn’t break any rules, customer support should be contacted.


Did you join today ?


Reply to @kay2809: nops i joined week ago but dont know very much about fiverr


Reply to @itsyourthing: i don’t know may be she did but if she did how she got level one badge ?


Reply to @qazidesigns: Well, I just read a post today that a girl was banned for copying others’ images.

So do you think it was her?


Reply to @qazidesigns: Quick tip. “faslty” isn’t a word, neither is fastly, really. Stick with quickly or fast. And this is how guarantee is spelled. :slight_smile:


Reply to @kay2809: where you read post well i don’t know how she work only i know is that she is broken now very badly


Even if this is true, this is the oddest thing to post on a public forum. I have compassion for anyone with mental health issues, very honestly. If you posted this to get sales, it’s shameful. If you did not, I encourage you to find a support group instead of an e-commerce site. Spend some quality time with your cousin and don’t worry about Fiverr. I hope that an admin will remove this post as well since it serves no purpose here.


Reply to @qazidesigns: Fiverr is a huge site, people can get away with doing things wrong sometimes, but they will eventually get caught. That’s why it’s important for EVERY user to thoroughly read the Fiverr Terms of Service and not break any rules.


Reply to @itsyourthing: sorry now how i can make it correct


Reply to @qazidesigns: Go into your dashboard, select my gigs and then edit.


Reply to @itsyourthing: i am scarred about working here what if i got banned too i even don’t know the rules


Reply to @qazidesigns: In that case, seek some support instead of creating posts here.


Reply to @fonthaunt: are you crazy you think every one is cheap like you i even don’t work properly here i have good job and i discussed this here because i was sad for her


Reply to @kay2809: why you commenting here it my decision what and where i do post you dont need to teach me it can happen with you too when your account will get blocked


Hello qazidesigns, its really a sad history, your cousin needs a professional help, keep him/her busy to create another account, make him/her self dependent, best of luck.


qazidesigns said: one is cheap like you
Hey, that sounds familiar! Reminds me of another thread going that I believe @kay2809 and @fonthaunt know about:


Reply to @itsyourthing: My first comment at the top. My spidey sense was tingling. But then I just suppressed the thought.