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My cover photo got denied. My ideas now

So I tried to add a cover photo which I once had on my gig. It’s slighly amatory. At first I thought that was the reason why fiverr removed it. But then I noticed: Wait yesterday I added the work in progress of it into my pdf on my gig. So this would break:

"Photo subject must be related to your Gig. Do not use the exact same image as any of your Gig photos."

I guess.

So now I’m starting to work on another one, which I will not include in my wip pdf file. If you read fiverr (I draw portraits, I think about adding this as some sort of tattoo) in my drawing somewhere, is that considered as “text in the photo” I want to show that I only made that cover photo for fiverr.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, maybe even the editor who denied it. I don’t want to annoy you with another drawing which won’t fit into your guidelines.