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My customer can’t rate me


Hi, my client can’t rate me. He gave me 10 on both questions (overall quality and comparing expectations with with delivery) but the “send and continue” button doesn’t work!! Please help me, rating means a lot to new sellers on Fiverr!


Have you contacted CS? Contact CS if there is a bug.


Thanks for your answer! I contacted it but I’m new and not really sure I did it right. I did it on some page where they asked me to select category and subcategory. :joy: When I click “leave feedback” on my mobile app he opens that page. I hope thats ok. Should I do it by some email, too?


I hope you are using the fiverr app.
Please login to your account through your system and go to help section just under your profile…
Then go to seller help tab and click it.At the very bottom of the page,you will get an optiom to submit your ticket regarding the bug.Choose the right category and then submit the ticket.Hope your issue gets resolved at the earliest.
I’m sending you a screenshot of the page.