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My customer disappeared after I delivered their order

I just had my second order completed in fiver yesterday and my buyer does not seem to have accepted the delivery or responded to any of my messages. They were a very responsive customer whenever I asked them something, they responded within minutes, but now it has been a day and they have said and done absolutely nothing. They did respond to all the samples I sent them but when the delivery came they are thoroughly unresponsive, though they are active on fiverr the don’t seem to be responding to me and it is getting VERY annoying :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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Many buyers don’t respond after delivery. That is their prerogative. Your order will autocomplete after three days if no revisions are requested.


really? but they dont even seem to be accepting the delivery? I don’t know, I am quite new here :confused:

They don’t need to accept it. It autocompletes after three days if they take no action. As a new user, you should do some research to find out how the platform works.

Read through everything in the Seller Help Center:

You should also read the Terms of Service here:


Dont worry… No matter if they accept or not, your order will be autocompleted…

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Don’t worry your order will be auto completed after 3 days.

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Don’t worry, most of the buyer have less time, check their delivery and after that they are not respond.
Order will be complete automatically.

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Sometimes Buyer got very busy…, and have other urgent matter to manage.
Mostly, they will ask revisions on the last hour.

Rare case…, they even will ask for revisions without provide you any detail…, just to keep the order going, so they can review your delivey later…,

So try to get used to it :slight_smile: