My Customer Experience Deminished


The add on’s I noticed have changed over the years to the point that I never know what I’m getting for $5.00 anymore, or not until it’s too late. I always see a robust description of the service and have made orders from my other accounts including this one. I quickly learn upon the completion of my order that I got less than what was described in the initial offering.

The ad-on’s are borderline false advertising at this point. The ad-on’s should not be allowed to be put into the description for the $5.00 unless it actually is included in the complete pricing. It is messing me up and costing me way too much time figuring out what I get for $5.00 opposed to the $5-$20 add-ons.

Am I the only one experiencing this confusion and loss of product quality? For me, it’s becoming a nightmare where I am wasting money on services I would have given to a competitor.


Isn’t it forbidden to have more than one account?


Maybe they are not His?:thinking:


I didn’t think so. I don’t know why it would be. I have different businesses for different uses and like to keep each business’s purchases kept separate in regards to receipts.


Good point. I put in my gig description exactly what the basic price offers. The reason I use the word basic price in my description, is because you do not have to have a a basic price of $5. At this time, my basic price is $15 so I say what the basic price includes in the gig description. If you have any doubt, best to contact the seller before ordering.

As a seller I have the opposite problem than you do. A client will order a gig at the basic price but demand I provide gig extra’s free or they simply ignore the requirements of the basic price. For example my basic price is $15 for 100 words. A client will order the gig for $15 but demand I do a whiteboard from a 500 word script. It constantly happens so I guess the situation can go both ways.


Contacting each seller can become time consuming if there is a bunch of competition. Thank you though for being clear on your price points. If everyone could do this …


MOST sellers do, maybe you ought to judge a book by its cover, and deal with sellers who have clear, defined, gig descriptions.


Excuse me? What are you trying to convey here?


I think he _UN_conveyed himself.


No, they don’t. This has been ongoing. I think Fiverr should enforce the description rules more so I don’t have to. As a customer, I’m right. I sense some animosity from you. Is this post hurting you?


Yes, the animosity is a delusional behavioral characteristics that you are currently conjuring inside your grey matter.

Hope you catch my drift… :wink:


Right? Maybe? Don’t know why


Not caught at all. I think you see something I don’t at this point.



By the way … it’s not a nightmare per say. Just an annoyance. I have to be dramatic to bring my point forth.


I agree that some sellers do not clearly explain what is in their gig and this can lead to confusion. Some probably do this deliberately (as a bait and switch) while others just don’t really know what they are doing.
If a gig description clearly states that it does something at a certain price then I think you are entitled to expect that. You would probably have CS in your favor too if it came to that. Sellers really should lay out everything clearly, the gig packages description space is too small so the main description section should be used to lay out every option clearly.

I think the buyer can take some responsibility for due diligence too however. If you see a gig offering a full website for $5 with all the bells and whistles then perhaps use common sense and check it out first. If you just order and it is not what it seemed then CS may agree that the description is misleading and allow a cancellation etc but you won’t get the website regardless.
Similarly, if someone clearly offers to sell you London’s Tower Bridge for $1000, the police may agree that it was wrong but you still won’t own the bridge…


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What is your opinion on this webdesign I am working on? I noticed you do webdesign. Don’t worry, I’m not using Fiverr to do web designing gigs so I’m not a competitor :wink: I am building this ecommerce site for a local client where I live.


Heh. It wasn’t promotional at all. That was weak.


As a customer you may be right, you may not be. Some customers expect $50 worth of services for $5, but most understand there are few free lunches available on Fiverr, or in other areas of life.

It depends on who you are purchasing from and what you are expecting. While this probably isn’t you, I see the same issues as @steveeyes . Some buyers don’t read what is there, and just assume they get everything for $5 in the basic gig.

Buyers order the basic gig, then expect to have a voice over synced to a video (time consuming, extra investment) or go way beyond the word count specified in the gig and expect it all for $5.

Most buyers are great, but there are a few who don’t read and make life difficult too.

Some of us are very specific, but I’ve noticed that the more explicit I am, some buyers just ignore it all and order without reading the details. So it goes both ways.

Thankfully a huge set of my orders are from repeat clients, and I’d look to find sellers who treat you well, and provide value.

I don’t believe the customer is always right, but that’s another discussion.


If you don’t like that reason then how about the fact that it was completely off topic?