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My Customer Has not responded to my follow up after requesting revisions

I have a customer who has requested a revision a few days back, which is fine. But when I asked some follow up questions to further clarifying what he wanted, he didn’t answer. So I worked a bit on having some incomplete samples which I sent to ask him which he preferred, so that I can work from there and therefore have a higher chance that he is pleased with the next delivery. Still no answer and its been almost 24 hours since then and about day until the delivery.

Should I just build on those samples I showed and make a formal delivery and hope that he is pleased?

I always strive to get customers exactly what they want which has resulted in only 5 star reviews for me so far, but it’s quite hard to provide this when the customer isn’t communicative as a don’t want to risk an unhappy customer. 1 unhappy customer is worth 10 happy customers, at least (according to the statistics from CRM classes)

Anyone have advice? Also, I apologize for having a question possibly similar to someone else but I couldn’t find a recent similar topic


Hey there! Here’s what I do in this case.

I give the client a few hours to add revision notes and then send a friendly reminder if I don’t hear anything. After this, I send another message after 24 hours with a second friendly nudge and say that notes must be provided with a revision request as per ToS and if I don’t receive anything within 48 hours then I will send the original work as I need to act on revisions requested. This usually gets them moving.


Thanks for the advice!

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Enter resolution and request for a time extension, but not wait on it. It’s for a “just in case” scenario, meanwhile, you should build on those samples and make a delivery… only if the buyer has “revisions” remaining.

If the buyer doesn’t have any “revisions” options, my opinion is the deliver it informally by chat and hope the client “accept” the extension date (reminding him when he does reply sound reasonable, as you say you will need to have the “deliver” option)… which will negate away from the effects of “late delivery” and possibly an unhappy client, both will affect the algorithm. But the bad review is a permanent one.


Thanks for the advice! I’ll try that as well. I was hoping to be able to have discussions with the buyer to delivery a product they like and most customers have been good at discussing back and forth until now (this is actually only the second time I’ve had a revision, once before with a different customer who was more communicable)

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Some clients assume you “got it” and only check in once in a while, they might think it’s a simple revision… but not know the technical side of it. You have the mentality to seek advice, to ensure they have got a pleasant experience… I’m sure the client will see that too.

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Time extensions are possible but not necessary. You don’t get marked late if revisions drag on regardless of the big red LATE mark on them. Requesting time extensions can be seen as a dispute so try to solve it just via messenger first of all. If the client keeps hitting revision without providing notes, then you can go to customer support.


OK! Thank you for sharing