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My customer made a error in their review and support won't let either of us update it

This makes no sense to me, both me and customer are eager to change the review and rate however after contacting support I was told there was nothing anyone can do. Now I’m left with a review that doesn’t reflect the actual experience my customer had.

I think you might get warning from fiverr for that.

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What do you by warning?

Some other people have received a warning from Fiverr after CS was asked to change the review, if CS thought the seller had encouraged them to. ie. if they think it’s to get a better rating. Though if it’s obviously a mistake (rating definitely doesn’t match the review) CS should ideally allow a change but it’s risky and can get a warning currently. See:

This is despite Fiverr’s help page still actually suggesting that sellers ask buyers to contact re: changing their review if needed.


You’re swimming in dangerous waters discussing reviews with CS, leave it alone and move on. I looked at the review in question and it kind of looks like a legit review and rating. The buyers states that you offer to send their newsletter to around 2,000 contacts but it was only sent out to around 800. The rating they gave you was a 3.7 which seems about right to me.