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My customers do not place the order themselves

Hi, I am an illustrator and I have a problem with my character design gig.
In the description I have written the extras that you can add when you make the order, like extra character, background, commercial use…

The problem is that all the clients write me asking for a character with background, or that they need the commercial use, two characters… nothing out of the extras that I already have.

In the end I have to send them the order. I don’t mind spending the time to write them and explain the price. But I find it strange that nobody makes the order by themselves, having the prices written and being able to add the extras by clicking on “Continue”.

I was wondering if it’s my problem, if it’s not clear on my gig or if it happens to you guys too.
My native language is not English and maybe I have not explained it well in the gig.

Does anyone have any advice?

Thank you very much!

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What you have answered here has nothing at all to do with what they were asking.



Thanks GG. Maybe I’m wrong. I told to check on her own gig if those extras she offered visible to the buyers they asked