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My daily 10 offers are not shown due to bad review of first buyer

My daily 10 offers are not shown due to a bad review of the first buyer, any solution I have to upload the picture of the problem

Yes, a solution would be to offer a good service so that you don’t get anymore negative reviews and you can earn back the right to see BR.

Your problem is not a technical issue, it’s a business issue.

Your delivery was not good enough? So maybe work on that?


You should focus on one or tow skills in which you are good and offer that service. Communicate with your buyer politely. Now your rating is down try to get some orders and increase it than you will be able to send buyer request.

I got your point but the reason is my daily 10 offers are not showing, without 10 daily offers how can I reply the buyers request?

Until you can get your percentage back to over 90% you won’t see any buyer requests I’m afraid, so you won’t be able to reply to them as you can’t actually see them. :frowning:



You don’t need to reply to buyer requests to get orders.
Make you’re own gig and build from there, maybe throw some money in Advertising that specific group of customers.

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Bring your local client to fiverr when you have some good reviews you will be able to see and send buyer request.
Buyer request is not the only way to get orders make your gigs attractive promote your gigs buyer can order your gig directly if they like your offers.
Wish you all the best.

Also, about your reply to him. Surely what he paid would have been what was in your offer if he accepted your offer (instead of selecting a gig package). If you only received 80% of that that will be because of Fiverr taking their 20% which is normal.