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My Dasboard Is messing up

Hi, When I sign in, I cannot get to my dashboard., Instead, I get a message for how to improve my gigs. I have reported this but have not heard back. Has anyone else experienced this?


Could you post a screenshot of the page?

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Hi, here it is. Wouldn’t let me attach


Yes, Please send me a screenshot on your issue. I will try to solve your problem.

You need to post screen shot , this link take us to your dashboard where we see it as buyer and cant see any issue there, so post image ?

Hi, I will try to. I can’t find away to add an attachment to this message. If someone will direct me I’d be glad to. Thanks

I took out the screenshot. Removed any info about me and will repost it.

That is your dashboard. It’s just showing showing extra info as well as your stats + any orders in your queue if there were some.


Remove your client names from your screen shots…:smiley: no need of that side at all !

I guess this is exactly how it should look, you have no active orders so there is no queue of orders , when you’ll have orders your order queue will be on top of other messages and may be few of bottom messages will be disappear !

One thing that looks a bit wrong is the circular icon with the question mark and that area. But maybe it’s your screen resolution (a bit too low) or maybe a browser zoom? But other than that it looks okay.

Maybe the thing with the circle icon could be due to the browser you are using if you aren’t using Chrome.

I tried Chrome and the same issue. I Think I

got rid of the original screenshot, hopefully this shot okay

Please let me know. I am rarely in here so in some ways I am a novice

Was it working okay on your current machine previously? Have you changed anything like desktop resolution?

It’s probably not worth worrying about really if it’s just that icon bit that’s the problem though.
That “take these steps” etc. is meant to be shown.

I am Firefox but have tried Chrome and the same issue.

You already have your dash board…
but If you have any orders in queue and you are seeing this thats the matter to worry otherwise all seems good !
Its how it suppose to be ( except that half Icon UK1000 mentioned)

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That circle is a question mark. It’s showing how to work with your dashboard but the image is the dashboard that I am missing. Thanks much. Will see how it work

I don’t have the question mark.

Doesn’t look like anything to worry about - looks normal aside from that.

This appears to be your Dashboard, if you have active orders, they will be shown right above these tips. I guess they add those for you to imrprove and learn and such while you’re waiting for orders.